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The Tyger and Enoree Rivers are tributaries of the Broad River, in the Santee Watershed. They flow through a vital and scenic corridor of South Carolina and the Sumter National Forest.

A foremost authority on South Carolina Rivers, Mr. Barry Beasley, wrote in 1998: The Tyger River is “one of the state's last remaining wilderness adventures.” This unspoiled natural corridor is arguably the Upcountry's greatest treasure.

The sister of the Tyger, the Enoree, winds through 36 miles of the Sumter National Forrest. Meaning “river of muscadines” to the Cherokee, the wild grapes can be found all along the lower section of the river. The narrow and shallow waters are popular with back water paddlers.

The River alliance was conceived in 2006. A concerned land owner on the river discovered the results of a trash bag (full of disposable diapers) thrown from Gordon's Bridge. The contents, strewn along the river for miles, demonstrated how a single individual could threaten the river.